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Currently, a lot of retailers lack the resources to effectively plan their in-store online pick-ups involving employees and customers alike. Making the online orders process longer and inefficient among staff, affecting their schedules, tasks, and overall in-store organization.

Personalizing the customer’s shopping journey is one of the biggest assets that retailers can offer. It provides an enhanced customer experience by personalizing sales according to previous purchases. As of right now, store employees are not utilizing the client’s historical data to provide a fully personalized experience. This declines general brand perception, re-purchase opportunities and overall customer satisfaction.

A lot of retailers are currently missing out on cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. We improve that process by fully personalizing all customer experience through the customer’s historical data and ultimately increase sales targets.

This solution was created to improve in-store efficiency, while elevating the customer experience on both ends seamlessly.

Empowered by our four modules:


  1.  Scale your in-store efficiency through data-driven KPIs by effectively planning tasks, seamless internal comms, and organizing employee schedules. 
  2. Define online employee task & management
  3. Schedule staff daily tasks and objectives
  4. Identify sales targets and keep track of performance

Order and execution

  1. Easily execute multiple customer orders by providing instant messaging communication throughout the entire click & collect process. 
  2. Order reception, preparation, and packaging
  3. Direct Customer Communication and double-ended notifications
  4. Intuitive Pick Up & Return process


  1. The ability to utilize personalized customer insight to generate upsell and cross-sell opportunities. 
  2. Up Sell & Cross Sell through personalized information gathered through historical data.
  3. Data driven customer experience

Feedback & KPIs

  1. Use customer feedback to take immediate action, improve the overall shopping experience, and ultimately use gamification and incentives to enhance staff performance.
  2. Direct action following customer feedback (NPS) to enhance future shopping experience.
  3. Keep track of Online Order KPI’s and overall process performance.
  4. Target Achievement & Incentives for employees following target achievements

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