Once upon a time a teenager was invited to join the Inovretail community … October 2021 took place. That man knew that a challenging journey awaited him, but he came full of desire and passion to impress and be successful in the I9R team. For this, it had a fantastic reception from the entire team, from marketing to professional services. If that wasn’t enough, it was crowned with a renovation of the entire office. Oh, yeah

It is in the sales team that he enters, and it is there that he is currently working to close deals for the company.

Can be said that between some mexican dinners, some cocktails downtown, and lunch breaks with sushi on the menu … things are not going bad, on the opposite, Inovretail is growing fast.

Madrid and Düsseldorf can confirm this. At least, that’s what they said! Oh yes, we present our end-to-end BOPIS solution in Retail Forum and EuroCIS this year. The UPTEC office is the theater of operations where that team of superheroes, challenges retailers daily.

With everything that surrounds us, the path of the sales team is certainly challenging. But if anyone doubts that those staff will continue to triumph, it’s because they don’t know them.

For those who were more distracted, yes, that guy is Filipe Pereira! Stay here for the next chapters!”


Sales Executive