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Next-generation Click & Collect Solution

99% of retailers will offer same-day delivery in the next 3 years.

Seeplus is the ultimate solution for retailers looking to improve the customer experience, increase profit, and decrease cart abandonment rates. Our click-and-collect platform offers a seamless way for customers to pick up their orders in store or on-the-go, reducing queues and empowering staff with enhanced customer interaction.

Plus, our platform enables retailers to offer pick-up anywhere, unlocking exciting new cross-selling opportunities and exponential profit growth.

Disruptions in the shopping experience

Pick-up anywhere options are the future, if retailers fail to adapt to this growing need it will
lead to the following obstacles:

For Customers

Long waiting times due to lack of planning

Limited collecting options at the pick-up moment

Lack of personalization for the shopper

For Retailers

Cart abandonment rate increase due to shipping costs

Inventory misalignment between online and physical

Lack of visibility in stores regarding clients’ preferences

Benefits that you can achieve using
click & collect solutions


Increase of Net Promoter Score

By providing diverse options for pick-up that are flexible and convenient to customers


Decrease in Cart Abandonment Rate

Due to no extra delivery cost, and numerous pick-up options


Increase in Profit Related to Cross-Selling Opportunities

Because of our smooth personalized experience we offer shoppers

Seeplus creates the perfect pickup experience,
encouraging the customer to visit the store, providing a humanized and fully personalized journey based on closer communication between clients and staff, and also generating cross-selling and up-selling suggestions.

Fulfill click & collect customer orders easier and faster by using existing stock in your stores

Send to your staff push notifications on the new orders to maximize efficiency through multiple in-store picking, while providing them with pick-up instructions and visibility on the client’s preferences and order details

Engage with your clients in real-time via sms, e-mail or WhatsApp through the entire shopping journey

Allow your customers to schedule their order pick up and returns, while delivering cross-selling and up-selling suggestions to your store staff

Collect your customer feedback and integrate that information into their client profile

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Who are we

As passionate international innovators, we at Innovretail are dedicated to transforming knowledge into experiences that drive excellence in the retail sector. More than 10 years in the tech industry and operational retail, you can trust us to provide the expert insights and solutions you need.

Our reliable and cost-effective SaaS model offers all services in the cloud with continous updates included in the monthly fee, making it effortless and affordable to connect your online and brick-and-mortar stores. Inovretail is owned by Sonae’s Group tech investment company, Bright Pixel Capital. As Sonae is one of Portugal’s largest enterprises, you can trust Inovretail as your long-term partner.

Our values

Passion: Makes the difference between good and great achievements

Innovation: The best way to be in the future is to innovative.

Retail Knowledge: Transforming knowledge into customer success stories

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4200-355, Porto, Portugal

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